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Five killed and more than ten wounded in Sabratha



Five killed and more than ten wounded in the clashes between two battalions in the city of Sabratha, 60 Km west of Tripoli.

The clashes started between the Battalion “48” affiliated with Foreign Ministry of the Government of National Accord (GNA) and the Operations Chamber to fight Daesh in Sabratha after mutual accusations; each side accused the other of starting the shooting.

The military source from Sabratha said that the clashes started when the Battalion “48” prevented smuggling more than 1000 illegal migrants through Sabratha’s coast on eight boats.

The source stated that they had discovered that the Operations Chamber employs an army officer affiliated with the Dignity Operation under the leadership of General Khalifa Haftar and others affiliated with MadKhali Salafist group. The source added that the Operation Chamber who should fight Daesh are involved in smuggling illegal migrants.

The source said that the chamber tried to help Haftar by putting pressure on the Italian authorities to deal with Haftar as a high side in the negotiations to fight the illegal migration.

The intermediating efforts of different sides in Libya, including the Military Chief of Staff affiliated with GNA and notables from the western side of Libya, failed to stop the clashes in the city center of Sabratha.