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Sabratha Municipality Council calls GNA to intervene



The Municipality Council of the city of Sabratha called, on Monday, the Government of National Accord (GNA) and its Defense Ministry to intervene to solve the problem in Sabratha and end the clashes between the factions in the city.

Sabratha Municipality Council issued a statement announcing that inhabitants of Sabratha denounce the clashes that intimidate the civilians and obstruct the daily life without minding the sanctity of bloodshed in the holy months.

The Municipality Council said that the reason for the clashes was after attacking a car at one of the security checkpoints of the operation chambers who fights Daesh in the city. When the car refused to stop at the checkpoint, it was shot to kill one person and wound others, which sparked the clashes.

The Municipality Council added that the efforts of wise people in the city haven’t stopped since morning. The wise ones agreed to stop the clashes and push the fighting factions to outside the city to let the local security device do its job in securing the city.

The Municipality Council pointed that the fighting factions ignored the calls for stopping the clashes and continued accusing each other of insisting clashing. It added that the operation chambers hadn’t agreed to pull out of the city.

The Municipality Council stated that what happened in Sabratha is a local internal issue that doesn’t allow any side to call for support from outside the city. It stressed that it wouldn’t accept to make Sabratha an area of fighting.