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Igtet challenges the Revolutionaries’ Battalion of Tripoli



The political activist, Basit Igtet, a written statement, on Monday, as a reaction to the Revolutionaries’ Battalion of Tripoli who announced its attitude against Igtet’s movement, which was published by him days ago.

Igtet stated that the exclaiming voices against the darkness would be raised on 25th of this month in the Martyrs Square in Tripoli, adding that those voices would be a kind of tornado against the battalion.

Igtet said that the civil movement welcomes every person wants to help in building the wounded homeland, adding that the movement would be a peaceful revolution to announce the end of darkness.

It is worth mentioning that the Revolutionaries’ Battalion of Tripoli, under the leadership of Haytham Al-Tagouri, announced, on Sunday, that it refuses the return of the ones who were expelled from Tripoli last April.

From his side, the head of the Committee of the Security Arrangements of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Hashem Beshr, announced that he refuses any demonstrations to achieve the “failed projects.”