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Kreackish dies in Derna



The Shura Mujahidin Council in Derna confirmed the death of the Madkhali Salafist preacher, Munsef Kreackish, in the prison after he was arrested.

Shura Mujahedi Derna announced that Kreackish admitted that he was one of the collaborators with the forces of the Dignity Operation that led by General Khalifa Haftar.

The investigations proved that Kreackish was working for Haftar’s forces at Lathron check point. He was one of the followers of the Egyptian Salafist preacher, Mohamed Raslan.

On the other side, Haftar’s forces accused Shura Mujahedi Derna had killed Kreackish. But Shura Mujahedi Derna confirmed that Kreackish died naturally because he refused to eat in a strike on food.

A member of Keackish’s family said that there is a committee to investigate the circumstances of his death.

Observers stated that Shura Mujahedi Derna wouldn’t kill a prisoner, especially in the current situation in Derna, because it would worsen the situation and cause more chaos.

The observers added that it is expected for Haftar’s forces to take advantage of the death of Kreackish to prove that there is terrorism in Derna.

Activists said that killing prisoners without courts is a terrorist crime whatever the justifications are, adding that it is not clear if Keackish was killed under torture or died naturally.

The activists stated that the situation in Derna needs rethinking to solve the crisis through initiatives. They added that the wise people and notables should do something about the situation to avoid enlarging the chaos in Derna.

In another context, Haftar’s forces delayed, on Saturday, the entry of the funeral of the citizen, Abdul-Salam Al-Shary, to Dernal.

Sources close to the family of Al-Shary said that the funeral was delayed for few hours, then he was buried in the cemetery of Al-Fatayeh.

Witnesses said that Haftar’s forces had kidnapped the citizen, Nedhal Bessouse, while he was heading to Derna coming back from Egypt. No one knows anything about where Bessouse is.

Haftar’s forces obstruct the movement from and to Derna, they also closed the entrances of Derna until further notice.

It is worth mentioning that Derna Municipality Council described the situation in the city as a disaster. It called the International Community and the Local authorities as well as the NGOs to intervene to end the blockade on the city.