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Electronic monitoring system on Tunisia-Libya borders



The Tunisian Defense Minister, Farhat Al-Harshany, announced that his country is ready to start the second part of establishing the electronic monitor system on the crossing borders with Libya between Lazrat area and Borj Al-Khadhra around the south Tunisian region.

Al-Harshany said, in a press release, that the adopted technical system is a high quality that includes thermal cameras to monitoring the movements of the individuals and vehicles. He added that the system is linked to a central station in Tunisia.

Al-Harshany clarified that this system would help to relieve the burden on the Tunisian security and army forces’ job on the borders.

It is expected to have a high-quality electronic system in the first half of the coming year. The United States of America and Germany pledged to finance the project.

Al-Harshany said that the borders with Libya are facing threats because of the security situation in Libya that affects the regions of the North Africa, Arabs, and the Mediterranean neighboring countries.