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Al-Sarraj talks about the crisis in Libya



The head of the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Fayez Al-Sarraj, said in a TV interview, on Thursday, that the number of the initiatives to solve the crisis in Libya would confuse the political operation and obstruct the efforts to stabilize the country. He called for the necessity of unifying the efforts to activate the stalled political process in Libya.

Al-Sarraj said that some are concerned about the possibility of implementing the road map to achieving the general elections.

He stressed that there is enough time to work on preparing for the elections, adding that “the concerns mustn’t prevent us from going forward for the elections because it is the only way to end the crisis.

Al-Sarraj stated that he met with the head of the committee of the elections last July, pointing that there are international and local guarantees but “we need to commit to working on ending the current problems in the country.”

About appointing the deputy interior minister in the eastern side of Libya, Faraj Gueam, Al-Sarraj said that the member of the PC, Fathi El-Majbari, was informed of the decision.

It is worth mentioning that El-Majbari accused Al-Sarraj of deciding without informing the PC members.

Regarding his meeting with the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, in Paris, Al-Sarraj said that the meeting was positive and promising. He praised the efforts of the French government and the efforts of Libya’s neighboring countries, especially Egypt, Algeria, and Tunisia.

He added that the talks between him and Haftar were about amending the Political Agreement to hold the elections.

Al-Sarraj avoided talking about the legality of the current political bodies, stressing that the Libyan people have the right to organize their political life. He called the HoR to prepare the law to do the referendum on the new draft of the constitution.

Al-Sarraj stated that the PC wishes to see the HoR recovers to play its role in this critical time, especially because the HoR is still unable to convene to do its right job.

Al-Sarraj said that it is not fair for the HoR to keep obstructing the PC, pointing that the political division is reflecting negatively on the country’s institutions.

He added that it is essential to think about other options to overtake the current situation. One of the options is to recognize the Supreme Judgement Council to help in preparing the law to do the referendum on the constitution and end the current crisis.

Al-Sarraj admitted that the PC is weak, but it is one of the outcomes of the Political Agreement. He said that the PC didn’t want to become a part of the political conflict, which disappointed the Libyan citizens.

About the problem of the lack of liquidity, Al-Sarraj said that it is the responsibility of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) to solve the problem because it is the financial authority. He stated that the PC is ready to provide the political power to help in solving the liquidity problem.