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HoR members denounce terrifying actions in Al-Nofleya



Twenty-one members of the House of Representatives (HoR) said that the Dignity Operation, led by General Khalifa Haftar, and the Presidential Council (PC) are responsible for the violations and arresting the civilians in the central of Libya. The HoR members accused the PC and Haftar’s forces of ignoring the appearance of Daesh in the area.

The members called, in their statement, the international human rights organizations to help in protecting the unarmed citizens from the threat of the terrorist groups.

The members stated that they follow up the news of the awful actions of Daesh who maintain the check points in the area including the coastal road. The members of the HoR added that they are worried of the silence of the authorities and the International Community while Haftar’s force blockade the area of Al-Nofleya and carry out operations of arresting and attacking the civilians as well as enforced concealment.

The HoR members stressed that these actions terrify the inhabitants and made families displaced to avoid the horrible situation because of the absence of the controlling authorities, which caused a panic situation amongst the residents of the area.

In the same context, observers and politicians denounced the arresting and attacks in the area by the hands of Haftar’s forces who alleged that they are arresting terrorist while they arrest the supporters of February revolution.