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Mitig visits Seoul to reactivate partnership



The member of the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Ahmed Mitig, visited the South Korean Capital City, Seoul, on Monday, to attend the Global Infrastructure Cooperation Conference 2017.

Mitig talked to the conference about the relationship between Libya and South Korea. He praised the efforts of South Korea to cooperate with Libya, which resulted in the latest visit of the South Korean delegation to Libya.

Mitig clarified that his attendance in the conference with his delegation is to open the doors of cooperation between the two countries. He stated that since 2011 the politics considered the issues in Libya and ignored the economic side, stressing that the political solutions won’t succeed without reactivating the plans of recovering the economic affairs.

Mitig said that there are obstacles in front of the Libyan governmental efforts, adding that the GNA needs the South Korean support to achieve the economic recovery in Libya.

Mitig stated that the GNA gives a particular priority to improve the economic situation and repair the damages in the infrastructure sectors in the Libyan cities after the damages from the wars. He called for reactivating the suspended infrastructure projects.

Mitig said that he considers his attendance in the conference as a new start to the partnership with South Korea. He expressed that he is confident that this would make the market thrives in Libya.

Mitig stressed that he welcomes the South Korean companies to start the projects in Libya.