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Libyan-Italian meeting on illegal migration



A meeting held, on Wednesday, between a security delegation from Italy and Libyan security officials in Tripoli.

The Security Media Office of the Libyan Interior Ministry of the Government of National Accord (GNA) said that the director of the illegal migration management, Mohamed Beshr, confirmed that the meeting talked about the draft of understanding between the two countries to stand against the illegal immigration and human trafficking.

The head of the Criminal Investigations Device, Faraj Al-Barnous, revealed that the Italians agreed to support the Libyan Criminal Laboratories. He pointed that the previous agreements between Italy and Libya would be reactivated to reduce the crimes and discover the corruption.

The Italian Anti-Mafia Prosecutor, Franco Roberti, said that the meeting is a contact point between the two countries for all sides of security.

Roberti added that there would be another meeting with the head of the investigations department in the office of the Libyan General Attorney next October to put the basic foundations for the agreement.