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Why Johnson visited Haftar?



The British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, revealed that the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar pledged to leave the military power if he becomes the president of Libya.

Johnson stressed that it necessary for the Libyan factions, including Haftar, to offer concessions for the sake of ending the crisis in Libya.

He said that he called for a political settlement by backing the plan of the United Nations to come to a consensus between the Libyans for reuniting Libya.

Johnson, who visited the eastern and western sides of Libya, clarified that his country wants Libya to be ruled by a civil authority.

Johnson called the Libyan parties do avoid going to early elections in the current situation.

Johnson’s visit to Haftar raised questions like: What did Johns mean by offering concessions? Had Haftar asked Johnson to support him to become the president of Libya?

Observers said that Johnson’s visit to Haftar didn’t mean any particular thing for Haftar because Johnson visited the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli and met other Libyan factions on the western side of Libya.

Johnson’s visit to Libya was to support the diplomatic activities of the British Ambassador to Libya, Peter Millett, and to communicate with the Libyan factions including Haftar.

Activists said that Johnson’s visit revealed that the reality of the conflict in Benghazi is a political under the title of fighting terrorism.

The meeting between Johnson and Haftar proves that Haftar is a part of the political conflict, which means he is a part of the problem that needs to think deeply about becoming part of the political solution, and the only solution.

The observers said that the politicians in the United Kingdom wanted to understand the situation in Libya so they can deal with the situation, especially after Paris meeting that gathered the head of the PC, Fayez Al-Sarraj, and Haftar.

  • John A Lincoln

    The intentionally or unintentionally frequent disruptions by foreign powers and their Libyan beneficiaries to the various power hungry idiot factions in Libya is counter productive. These foreign powers and their beneficiaries are tipping one over the other, while the poor Libyans are caught in between suffering the negative consequences of these disruptions, distractions and divisions.

    The Libyans should not get distracted by these bullies at all times. They should focus and pay their attention towards uniting their own people and army. Meanwhile, gather all their efforts and hopes on having general elections as planned to hopefully the new leaders and governments will get them out of their current stagnations, hardships and wonder.

    Never ever let others (Libyans & non Libyans alike) pull off your legs dragging and distracting your people from achieving their pre-planned aspirations by having Democratic rotating governments by ditching the current power hungry ‘Tanbalas, their supporters and their beneficiaries’ in the trash bins of history.