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Zedan talks about his detention in Tripoli



The former Libyan Prime Minister, Ali Zedan, attended, on Thursday, to stand before the General Attorney, the General Solicitor, and the head of the Investigations Office in the court complex in Tripoli.

Zedan told Al-Wasat website that after he was released, on Tuesday, he was called, on Thursday, by the office of the General Attorney to clarify his legal situation.

He said that he had provided his testimony, voluntarily, confirming that there was no legal evidence against him at the General Attorney’s office.

About his arrest, Zedan revealed that he was detained in the office of the Central Security Device in Tripoli, adding that they disconnected the communications on him but wasn’t mistreated.

Zedan stated that before releasing him they made sure that he is not wanted by any one of the other armed battalions, he said that his detention caused a deep depression to his family.

About his visit to Tripoli, Zedan said that he told the Presidential Council (PC) about his visit one week earlier.

He stated that he contacted the head of the PC, Fayez Al-Sarraj, who welcomed him, adding that Al-Sarraj is not responsible for arresting him.

He stated that “I visited Tripoli because my house and family are there, and because Tripoli is the capital city, it is now more secure after excluding the illegal militias.

Zedan clarified that his visit comes in the context of working on achieving the national reconciliation and ending Libyan crisis.

Regarding his political activities, Zedan said that “if Fazzan’s inhabitants ask me to play any political role, I won’t hesitate.