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Derna suffers shortage of food and life needs



The city of Derna, eastern side of Libya, is still suffering from a shortage of food, medications, and fuel, which makes the citizens suffering and struggling to get their needs.

The member of Derna Inhabitants Council, Howedi Al-Ghezaiwi, said in a press release on Saturday that most of Derna inhabitants are suffering the poverty. He added that the crisis had become cruel to the level that makes the citizens look for food in the dumping areas. He stressed that the city is witnessing shortage in everything including medication.

Other sources in Derna said that Derna is still under blockage by the forces of the Dignity Operation that led by General Khalifa Haftar, confirming that no food or others needed materials entered the city for more than two weeks.

The sources clarified that the citizens of Derna are prevented from passing through the barriers of Haftar’s forces to look for their life needs. They called the other neighbouring cities, the organizations, and the government of Libya to do something about the crisis. They also called the International Community to do anything to solve the problem.

It is worth mentioning that Haftar’s forces had closed all the entrances to the city. They are also carrying out air strikes bombarding areas around the city from time to time.