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Has the ICC embarrassed Haftar?



The Arrest Warrant of the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the field commander of the Special Forces, Mahmud Al-Werfalli, affiliated with the Dignity Operation under the leadership of General Khalifa Haftar raised questions.

Initially, the Prosecutor of the ICC, Fatou Bensouda, stressed that the Libyan authorities are responsible for arresting Al-Werfalli and handing him to the ICC. She called the International Community to help Libya in arresting Al-Werfalli.

it is worth mentioning that Al-Werfalli had executed Libyan citizens without court.

From his side, Al-Werfalli commented on the Arrest Warrant by saying that it doesn’t worth the ink that was used in writing it, adding that he didn’t do any crime because he implemented the orders of his leadership.

On the other hand, the ICC decision was welcomed internationally by many sides, but will Haftar sacrifice and hand Al-Werfalli to the ICC to gain the support of the International support in Libya?

Legal observers said that the ICC decision is correct as it depended on evidence that needs an immediate implementation in the absence of the Libyan courts.

The observers added that it is not enough to issue the decision, especially it comes late, calling the ICC to consider the all similar crimes in Libya as soon as possible.

Others said that achieving justice is a good thing, especially internationally. They added that it is essential to bring the military officers who carry out crimes before the justice, they are responsible even if they don’t intervene to stop such offenses. Therefore, Haftar is in charge, but it looks like that he would refuse to arrest Al-Werfalli because he might become wanted as well after that.

The observers stated that handing Al-Werfalli to the ICC would make a snowball that could bring others to the justice, including Haftar who issue the orders to carry out these war crimes. But pressing on Haftar might push him to order his followers to assassinate Al-Werfalli.

Close sources in Benghazi said that Al-Werfalli put Haftar and his army leaders in embarrassment because Al-Werfalli is protected by his social community and some tribes in the eastern side of Libya.