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Sowane criticizes dangerous fatwas in Libya



The head of the Justice and Construction Party, Mohamed Sowane, said in a press release, on Tuesday, that the current events in the Arab region proved that some official religious corporations and religious figures just obey their political leaders.

He added that these organizations and figures support the attitudes of their political leaders even if they are unjust; they also keep silent on the oppression, corruption, and dictatorship. Moreover, they issue fatwas to justify oppression even if it leads to divisions and seditions.

Sowane stated that these corporations and figures do not advise their political leaders when the advice doesn’t suit the rulers. They are ready to justify targeting the dreams of the people of freedom because they think that they have to obey the leaders even they are wrong and corrupted.

Swoane criticized some religious institution and figures because they kept silent towards the blockade on the Qatari people that was imposed by some countries in the region. They even hadn’t condemned the obstacles that put in front of Qatari people to go for Al-Hajj, which similar to the silent towards the violation of Israelis on Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Sowane added that these corporations and Sheikhs supported and financed their followers in Libya who issued fatwas that considered some Libyan Muslims as Kuffar like the fatwa against Ibadi Madhab.

Sowane called for standing against these voices and raise the awareness of the wrong and dangerous thoughts to prevent them from spreading out in the society.