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Al-Sarraj Welcomes the CDA Draft of Constitution



The head of the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez Al-Sarraj, welcomed, on Sunday, the adoption of the last draft by the Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA). He called factions to prepare for the referendum.

Al-Sarraj praised the efforts of the members of the CDA, who could overcome the difficulties to come to this achievement.

Al-Sarraj stated that the members of the CDA realized that the Constitution is the foundation to build the democratic country that the Libyans dreamt of achieving. He stressed that the responsible bodies must provide the facilities to implement the task.

Al-Sarraj called for respecting the freedom of expression and protecting the rights of the Libyans in choosing their lifestyle without intimidation or threat.

From its side, the National Elections Commission (NEC) received, on Monday, a letter from the CDA calling for conduct the necessary referendum process to enable the people to vote in the poll and say the final word in the Constitution project.

The NEC welcomed the step, considering it as the way to stabilize the country. It announced that its ready to do its job but it can’t carry out the referendum process in the absence of the law that organizes the process to come to the real results.

The NEC called the Libyans to vote as one of the most important rights. It called the Libyan people to register as voters.

On the other side, ten members of the CDA issued, on Sunday, a memorandum refusing the draft of the CDA. The ten members provided their note to the head of the CDA because he didn’t respond to their suggestions on the draft.

It is worth mentioning that the head of the CDA, Noah Abdullah, announced on Saturday, the issue of the final draft of the constitution. 44 members attended the voting operation, 43 of them voted for the draft.