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Algeria worried from cooperation between Haftar and Israel



Algeria has sent a strong warning to the commander of the army of the House of Representatives (HoR), General Khalifa Haftar, pointing that it can turn over the balance of power on the ground when it is necessary.

According to the Algerian website “Dzayer info,” which LIBYAPROSPECT translates here, the warning was sent out after receiving intelligent information by Algeria about military support and communications between Haftar and Israel.

A source said that Algeria had drawn red lines to prevent Haftar from crossing whatever the circumstances are.

The website reported that Algeria warned Haftar of cooperating with Israel and bringing Israeli military experts to Libya.

Algeria told the representative of Haftar in Cairo that Algerians can support the antagonists of Haftar in Libya to turn over the balances if Haftar wouldn’t stop communicating with Israel.

The report revealed that security services of several countries had monitored increased cooperation between Haftar and Israel. One of the reports pointed that Israel provided critical, intelligent information for Haftar to help him in his military operations. Israel collected the information through spy planes flying in the Libyan air spaces and other spy devices.

Furthermore, the cooperation wasn’t only by providing intelligent information; it goes further to arming Haftar’s forces by sending to weapons by planes from Israel to Libya.

The report stated that the Israeli weapons included rockets and night vision equipment. It added that the cooperation between Haftar and Israel started the last few months because the UAE intermediated to ease the communication.

The website described Haftar as moody because he practices a strange foreign policy, adding that Haftar’s personality is the same as Muammar Gaddafi’s personality.

The report said that Haftar’s personality is worse than Gaddafi because Haftar doesn’t come from constant values because Haftar decided to build up relations with different sides to get military support. He asked Algeria for arming his forces at the beginning of 2017, and before that, he had communicated with Russia, and now his efforts to contact America.

Algeria afraid of the existence of Israeli forces or even a base for the Israeli intelligence in Libya, considering that as a threat to the national security of the north African region.

The report said that the continuity of Israeli planes flying over Libya could give a substantial justification for the terrorist group to return to Libya, which is refused by Algeria.