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Various Reactions to Al-Sarraj’s Initiative



The reactions to the initiative of the head of the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez Al-Sarraj, are varied among the observers in Libya.

In this report, LIBYAPROSPECT is following most of the reactions that published on social media and news websites.

The member of the State Council, Moussa Faraj, said that Al-Sarraj’s initiative is useless, stressing that it would make the scene in Libya more complicated because the Libyan street is not ready for the stage of elections.

Faraj stated that to get the Libyans ready for the transitional time it is essential to solving the daily problems of the citizens.

It is worth mentioning that the State Council hadn’t announced any attitude towards Al-Sarraj’s initiative, while the head of the House of Representatives (HoR), Ageela Saleh, announced that the HoR refused it.

Saleh stated that “we will not accept Al-Sarraj’s proposal before issuing a constitution to regulate the shape of the country.

The activist, Mohamed Buisier, commented on Al-Sarraj’s speech saying that if Al-Sarraj said no for elections, we would see personalities calling for the necessity of the elections.

Buisier added that on the other hand if he called for elections next week we see the same figures saying that the time is not enough and there must be the right time to prepare for that.

From his side, the HoR member, Saleh Hema, said that Al-Sarraj’s proposal is good, but if the HoR doesn’t discuss it positively, it will remain just an initiative.

Hema called the HoR to play its role because it is the primary responsibility and leading player in the political operation, which means it has to lead the process to prevent any side from jumping in the Political Agreement.

Hema added that there are efforts to make the HoR working for the interests of the homeland and the citizens.

The HoR member, Saltana Al-Mesmary, said that it is not possible to implement the proposal because Al-Sarraj is not unconstitutional as long as the Political Agreement is not included in the Constitutional Declaration.

Al-Mesmary added that Al-Sarraj is not allowed to introduce himself as a neutral side while he is not occupying a constitutional position.

On another hand, she stated that the HoR is not doing its job correctly because it made a huge vacuum that let others fill it for personal interests.

Al-Mesmary stressed that the priority is for the constitutional entitlement and the HoR must be activated to go for presidential and parliamentary elections to end the transitional time. She preferred to start with electing a president for Libya to take the responsibility of the supreme leader and end the current crisis.

Al-Mesmary added that calling for new parliamentary elections wouldn’t be successful as long as the Libyan capital city of Tripoli is still under the control of armed militias.

She expressed that electing new legitimate body is not possible before letting the army controls the whole Libyan country, which makes the other security institutions work for keeping the stability and safety.

Al-Mesmary said that involving the reconciliation in the political division would spoil the reconciliation itself.

The HoR member, Meloud Al-Aswad, stated that the proposal conflicts with Political Agreement because the PC is one of the outcomes of the accord.

On his side, the writer and journalist, Mohamed Omar Bayou, said that Al-Sarraj’s imitative could be considered as a political maneuver that caused by external pressure, but it needs to be dealt with objectively.

The activist Hafeed S Frea said that Al-Sarraj is the first Libyan official calls for elections in precise dates, considering it as a good point for Al-Sarraj. He added that the other leaders including the head of the Interim Government, Abdulla Al-Thinni, the head of the Salvation Government, Khalifa Al-Ghowel, the head of the State Council, Abdul-Rahman Al-Swehli, and the head of the HoR, Ageela Saleh didn’t do or think about the same thing.