Home Reports Misrata Municipality: Misrata is not involved in the clashes

Misrata Municipality: Misrata is not involved in the clashes



Misrata Municipality denied, on Tuesday, the circulated news that says that Misrata is involved in the clashes in Al-Garabulli area, 75Km to the east of Tripoli. The Municipality stressed that the armed groups that attacked the area are not related to the city of Misrata.

The Municipality denounced, in its statement, threatening the capital city of Tripoli and terrorising the civilians, confirming that the armed groups are formed from different areas in Libya and led by the ones who refuse the political agreement and its outcomes.

The Municipality called the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) to activate the security and military institutions and to implement the terms of the political agreement as soon as possible.

Misrata Municipality warned, in its statement, the conflicting sides of capturing people due to their identities because it causes bad reactions. The Municipality called for listening to the voices of wisdom and reason to give the priority for the national interests.