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Yousef denies Al-Mesmary’s accusations against him



The deputy head of the Sudanese Scholar Association, Abdul-Hay Yousef, denied, a few days ago, the statement of the spokesperson of the army of the House of Representatives (HoR), Ahmed Al-Mesmary, who accused him of affiliating with Daesh in Libya.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Mesmary showed, in a statement, some video clips to convince the media correspondents that Yousef works for Daesh.

Yousef reacted to the accusations, describing Al-Mesmary as a someone who calls himself as a spokesperson of the Libyan army.

Yousef said that “Al-Mesmary tried to spread out allegations about me, saying that I am one of Al-Qaeda activists and I visited Libya many times to give lectures to the extremists.”

Yousef added that Al-Mesmary knows that “I was invited by the head of Dar Al-Ifta, Sheikh Sadeq Al-Gheriany.

About the video clips, Yousef clarified that Al-Mesmary showed the clips after cutting them from the full context to convince the media and his followers.

Yousef denied the allegations of Al-Mesmary, he said that “it is known for the fair people that I gave four speeches about how Al-Qaeda doesn’t represent Al-Jihad in Islam.” He stated that Al-Qaeda was made up by intelligence services to distort the real picture of Islam.

In a related context, Al-Mesmary had accused the State of Qatar, Turkey, and Sudan of supporting terrorism in Libya.

Observers noticed that Al-Mesmary mentioned Qatar more than any other country, stressing that Qatar is financing the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood and other militias to keep Libya divided and to waste the Libyan oil wealth.

The observers expressed their surprise as Al-Mesmary tried to hide the support of the UAE and Egypt to the forces of the HoR that led by General Khalifa Haftar.

According to witnesses and observers, Al-Mesmary is affiliated with an army that has a militia background, adding that the proof is what happened in Benghazi a few months ago when the forces of Haftar dig the graves and abused the human corpses.

In the same context, the observers said that Haftar’s forces are not able to fight without the supporting troops of the Salafists in the eastern side of Libya, especially in Benghazi.