Home Editorial Why Haftar announces liberation while the war continues?

Why Haftar announces liberation while the war continues?



Ten fighters were killed in Al-Sabry area in Benghazi after three days of the declaration of the complete liberation of Benghazi that was announced by the Commander of the House of Representatives (HoR) army, General Khalifa Haftar.

The fighters of Benghazi Revolutionary Shura Council had ambushed the ten fighters, which gives a big sign that the war hadn’t been finished and Haftar’s announcement was fake.

Observers say that despite the appearance of Haftar wearing the military uniform with its medals to announce the declaration of Benghazi but the war is still on.

Sources confirmed that some field commanders affiliated with Haftar’s forces denounced the announcement of the full liberation of Benghazi because it gave confidence to the fighters to move inside Al-Sabry area without any care.

Observers said that what sort of reason that makes Haftar announces the liberation while the battles are still there.

One of the explanations, which might be logical, is that there are regional pressures on Haftar, especially from Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, to let him easily control Benghazi. The observers link the announcement to the visit of the UAE chief of army staff to headquarter of Haftar’s army on the first day of Eid Al-Fitr.

The other reason that might be accepted by many is that many leaders of Haftar’s Dignity Operation had defected after discovering many mistakes and crimes. It looks like that Haftar is trying to end the war in Benghazi with even a fake victory.

In the same context, there was a problem in the military techniques because every battalion was fighting in its way without putting one strategy for fighting, which reflects the absence of the central leadership at Haftar’s office. The problem behind that is that the Dignity Operation was not administrated by real army thoughts as there many battalions were not part of the military, such as Salafist groups and other militants.