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Cautious Calmness in Al-Gowaia after the clashes



Sources from Al-Gowaia nearby Al-Garabulli, 75 Km east of Tripoli, said that there is a cautious calm in the area, on Monday, after clashes started on Sunday between battalions affiliated to the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) and the forces related to the Salvation Government.

The sources stressed that some fighters killed and others injured in the clashes. The security leader that connected to the PC, Hashem Beshr, said in a press statement on Sunday, that the clashes continued until the evening of Sunday. He added that the Common Forces of the PC moved forward to points beyond Al-Gowaia.

From his side, the head of the media council in Al-Garabulli Municipality, Al-Sharif Jab-Allah, announced, on Monday, that two persons were killed in the clashes on Sunday, one of them is Egyptian. He added that others were wounded.

Media sources confirmed that the clashes continued until Monday afternoon. The PC warned, two days ago, that there were suspicious movements started their way towards Tripoli.

In the same context, the General Electric Company (GEC) in the eastern side of Tripoli stated that the clashes hit the power transmission lines that link between the power station of Al-Khoms and the generating station in the east of Tripoli.

The GEC added that this problem had affected the electric network, warning that this might collapse the whole system.

From his side, the member of the PC, Ahmed Mitig, met, Monday morning, the UN security envoy to Libya, Paolo Serra, and the delegation accompanying him.

The meeting talked about the latest updated and the troubles that confuse the security scene and obstruct the efforts that could bring security to Tripoli.

In the same context, the UN mission to Libya expressed its concern on the clashes, calling for returning calmness immediately and stopping the clashes to protect the civilians.

The mission stressed that the PC is the legitimate authority in Libya and that the problems should be resolved through dialogues not by using the force.