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Awful fatwa describes Abadiya as Kuffar



Dar Al-Ifta of the Interim Government of the House of Representatives (HoR) in the eastern side of Libya issued a fatwa on the Abadiya Doctrine saying that Abadiya Madhab is a deviated group because they have unbelief thoughts so praying behind them is not allowed in the Sunny doctrine.

The reality is that the Abadi Madhab is followed by many Muslims in Libya, especially amongst Tamazight areas on the western side in Libya.

Many Libyans, including intellectuals, Sheikhs, Abadi followers, and non-Abadi doctrine followers denounced the fatwa that was issued by Interim Government Dar Al-Ifta and its members, who are Salafists and Wahhabi doctrine followers.

The big denouncement comes from the way Dar Al-Ifta described Abadi Doctrine by saying the followers of Abadiya are Khawarej and part of Bateniya groups.

The Tamazight activist, Ibrahim Grada, commented that it is not possible to make Khawarej and Bateniya one thing and the educated people know that the two sides cannot become under one umbrella.

The opponents of the fatwa asked about the opinions and attitudes of the other official state institutions, including the HoR, the State Council, and the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

They even asked about the reactions of the political, civil, and intellectual currents. They also raised the following question: Do we need to add this issue to national dialogue to protect the Abadi people in Libya under the supervision of the International Community?

It is worth mentioning that the head of Dar Al-Ifta in Tripoli, Sheikh Sadeq Al-Gheriani, always said that there is no difference between Abadiya and Maliki doctrines in Libya. He called for stopping violation and takfir against each other in Libya.

From its side, the National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) condemned the fatwa, in a statement on Saturday, and considered this fatwa as a dangerous escalation from Dar Al-Ifta in the eastern side of Libya.

The NCHRL denounced all the calls for takfir and the verbal violation from Dar Al-Ifta of the Interim Government.

The NCHRL called the committee of the religious affairs in the HoR to quickly intervening to this awful escalation that would affect the social and national life in Libya as it would threaten citizens’ lives.

In the same context, observers linked between this fatwa and the war in Benghazi as the Salafist groups support the army of the HoR that led by General Khalifa Haftar.

The same observers added that it is not strange for that Dar Al-Ifta to issue such fatwa as they fight side by side with Haftar’s forces against the revolutionary Shura Council in Benghazi. The observers stated that there is no difference between the Salafist groups in Benghazi and the terrorist group of Daesh; they both kill under the name of Islam, kidnap, and abuse civilians.