Home Reports Over 700 illegal migrants were rescued off Libyan coast

Over 700 illegal migrants were rescued off Libyan coast



The Irish Defence Forces said that one of its naval ships had rescued 712 people on multiple vessels off the coast of Tripoli on Sunday.

The ship rescued six migrants, including pregnant women and infants, who were revived from unconsciousness cases.

The ship is to take the revived migrants, 14 pregnant women and four infants younger than four months, to the Italian authorities.

The commander, Brian Fitzgerald, said, in a press release that “I’m very proud to say all lives were saved, no lives were lost. It was a complex operation where lives were at stake at every turn over a full eight-hour period.”

He added that “overall, they were really in a wretched condition but in all cases healthy enough to undertake the journey to a port of safety.”

It is worth mentioning that, this month, about 126 migrants drowned in the Sea because the motor of their boat was stolen, which caused sinking.

According to IOM, on June 14, more than1,800 migrants died while trying to arrive in Europe.

On the other side, the Libyan coast guards intercepted, around ten days ago, more than 900 illegal migrants off the city of Sabratha, the western side of Libya.

The coast guard’s spokesperson, Ayoub Qassem stated that the illegal migrants were found on wooden and rubber boats.

One of the boats was nearly sunken, and another boat’s engine was missing.

Qassem added that the migrants were from Africa, Asia, and other Arabs, including 98 women and 25 children.

In another context, Qassem said that Europe is not serious in fighting the illegal migration, pointing that it is only trying to make Libya a place for the migrants to stay in. Qassem commented on that by saying “we, in Libya, will not agree.”

Qassem stressed that this year had recorded a big number of the illegal migrants, which means that the European and the International procedures are encouraging some regional countries to send more migrants to Libya.