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Dughaim condemns the HoR list of terrorists



The member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Zeyad Dughaim, said that the list of the personalities and groups that were issued by the HoR considering them as a terrorist is illegal.

Dughaim stated, in a press release, that this cannot be done only through the law of fighting terrorism, stressing that only the Libyan Judge has the right to issue this kind of decisions by law.

He pointed that putting the name of the head of the State Council in the list is not good for the Libyan dialogue and the Political Agreement.

From its side, the State Council said that what some of the members of the HoR tried to accuse some personalities, including the head of the State Council. It added that issuing this list comes at the time when efforts are made to bring the point of views of the Libyan factions together.

The State Council stressed that using the term of “terrorism” to revenge on the political opponents means that there is a minority work for some countries to put Libya in the regional clashes.

The State Council appreciated the national attitudes of the members of the HoR who condemned such wrong actions.