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Al-Thinni to arrest PC minister because of Qatar



Close sources to the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli said that the reason for why the House of Representatives affiliated government that headed by Abdallah Al-Thinni had escalated its position against the PC is because they refused to cut the relations with the State of Qatar.

The sources said, on Friday that “those pressures are because the PC refused a request from Egypt to join the countries who cut off their relations with Qatar.”

The PC responded that “the matter is a gulf related issue, Libya is not related,” referring that Qatar provided a lot to support Libya’s revolution, besides its support to the political dialogue trajectory to avoid military solutions.

Saudi Arabia, UAE Bahrain, and Egypt cut their relations with Qatar, last Monday, closed lands, air, and maritime borders, following extensive intimidation campaign against Doha by media affiliated to the previous governments.

Yemen, Mauritania, and the state of Comoros followed Saudi Arabia, while Jordan and Djibouti degraded diplomatic representation with Doha.

Al-Thinni’s government issued arrest warrants against the PC of the GNA ministers and related personnel.

Al-Thinni asked his interior ministry to take all needed procedures to detain any called minister affiliated to the GNA, demanding them to inform all air, land, and naval outlets.