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Al-Jamaly provocative statements



The Arab League special ambassador to Libya, Salah Al-Din Al-Jamaly, spoke about the Libyan situation, saying that things inside Tripoli are out of control. He stated that the militias control Tripoli, who support the state for money, besides other insurgent militias, form and then disappear within a week. Add to that the existence of two vying governments in Tripoli, the Salvation government and the Internationally Recognized Government of National Accord. He added that “Tripoli is a militias morass, especially the Islamist militias.”

He regarded the situation in Benghazi as better as it is under the army control. “the situation inside Benghazi is different, the army controls the city, besides there are fewer militias compared to Tripoli,” Al-Jamaly said.

Observers said that Al-Jamaly’s statements showed he is biased with one party against the other, which doesn’t suit a diplomat who is working to reach reconciliation.

The question is “does Al-Jamaly speak for the Arab League?” If yes, does that mean the Arab League is controlled by the countries that support the side of Dignity Operation that led by General Khalifa Haftar?

Others accuse Al-Jamaly as knowing nothing about what is going on in Libya. If he doesn’t have much knowledge of the situation, it’s a mess, and if he is acutely aware of the crisis, then it is a bigger scourge, but either way, he is unable to push towards a permanent resolution to the Libyan crisis or the long-awaited Libyan reconciliation.

“The problem facing the Arab League regarding Libya is how to coordinate United Arab position,” Al-Jamaly said, pointing that “despite the common rejection of foreign intervention, and support for peace and stability, but Arab and European states are not on the same page.”

Observers said that Al-Jamaly, as the Arab League envoy, should have first pressure Arab countries who support certain parties inside Libya, especially those supporting Haftar’s forces who committed scandals in Benghazi, including grave digging and bodies desecration.

The Arab League role, through Al-Jamaly, should be to convince the regional countries to halt support for war criminals in Benghazi and other cities, so that Al-Jamaly wouldn’t have to please them at the expense of the Libyan crisis.