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Saleh: The dialogue will be inside Libya



The head of the House of Representatives (HoR), Ageela Saleh, said, on Monday, that the HoR discussed the national constants that should be included in the Political Agreement (PA), such as the reformation of the Presidential Council (PC), which must consist of three members only.

He added that there the HoR talked about appointing a prime minister separately, not from the members of the PC. Then the appointed prime minister should form the council of ministers and provide it to the HoR to endorse it.

Saleh clarified that the State Council should be reformed to include all members of the General National Congress (GNC) that was elected on 7/7/2012.

He added that the HoR stressed that the article “8th” of the Political Agreement must be canceled. The HoR members called for having the dialogue inside Libya under the supervision of the Arab League and the International Community. They also refused to do the dialogue in any other Arab country because most of the Libyan areas are safe.

It is worth mentioning that the HoR unanimously announced, on Monday, returning to the dialogue. Sixty members of the HoR decided that they agree to go back to the dialogue under the above conditions.

It is essential to mention that, the HoR decided, last month, to cancel the adoption of the Political Agreement of Skhirat after the clashes in the Oil Crescent Region.