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Doma arrested again in Benghazi



The police affiliated with the Interim Government in the eastern Libya arrested, late on Saturday, the France Press (AFP) photographer in Benghazi, Abdallah Doma, according to members of his family.

Doma was firstly arrested, last Tuesday night, before being released after 24 hours, for covering AFP report on the musical party organized by Benghazi youth last Saturday.

AFP expressed its concern and demanded Benghazi authorities to release Doma without any legal charges immediately. But Endowment Authority criticized the party, regarded it “insult for Islam,” especially that it encourages admixture between men and women.

Late Saturday, the anti-terrorism department contacted Doma asking him to go to the headquarter to answer some questions. When arriving, policemen asked two family members who escorted Doma to go home, not to wait for him, as “Abdallah is now arrested.” One relative said that there were not given any further details, but pointed that Doma was arrested once again for covering the party.

The musical party was organized marking “Earth Hour” on invitation by the International Fund for Wild Life.

Benghazi is under the authority of parties affiliated to the commander of the Army of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar.