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Dbaiba denies supporting any faction in Libya



The former head of the Development of Administrative Centres device in Gaddafi’s regime, Ali Dbaiba, said in a statement, on Thursday, that he denies the news that was circulated on some media websites about supporting some factions in the conflicts inside Libya.

Dbaiba confirmed that such news is false and not true, adding that it aims to mislead the public opinion, stirring the division, controversy, and discord.

Dbaiba stressed that this kind of promotion of fallacies and forging facts indicate the desire of these media sites to extend the time of chaos and the severe division to put the sedition between the Libyans.

He stated that he holds the ones who promote the lies and seek to defame him in front of the Libyan public opinion the full legal responsibility, stressing that he retains the right to sue them.

Dbaiba clarified that since February revolution and the collapse of Gaddafi’s regime he worked to support the positive change, the unity of the Libyan people, and to refuse any injustice, oppression, and terrorism.

He stated that he also sought to support whoever has the will and ability to achieve the goals of building the new Libyan state and start a new era to achieve the ambitions of the Libyans for stability and security and decent life.