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Big countries call for NOC to oversee oil



The ambassadors of China, Russia, France, Britain, and the United States to Libya stressed that the oil infrastructure and its revenues belong to all Libyan people.

They requested the oil infrastructure to remain under the exclusive authority of the National Oil Corporation in (NOC) in Tripoli. They called all parties to self-control, avoid military solutions, and solve disputes via the political process. They regarded, in a joint statement, the attacks against the oil facilities impede peace and the security in the country.

Since the commander of the Operation “Dignity”, Khalifa Haftar, regained the control over the Oil Crescent Region, on 14 March, Al-Baida based NOC chairman, Naji Al-Maghraby, announced that his institution is no longer committed to the unification deal of the head of the NOC in Tripoli, Mustafa Sanalla, which was signed in June 2016 stating the unification of both NOC managements in Tripoli and Al-Baida.

In the following day of the announcement of Al-Maghraby, the government of the House of Representatives (HoR) decided to cancel the deal of unifying the parts of the NOC. It to give the authority of the NOC to Al-Maghraby’s administration, halting any dealings with the official NOC in Tripoli.

Despite the announcement of Benghazi Defense Brigades (BDB) to hand over Al-Sedra and Ras-Lanuf terminals to the NOC after it controlled it on 3rd of March, but after Haftar’s control on the terminals, it had put the oil ports and field back into the front of negotiations.

The spokesperson of Haftar’s forces, Ahmed Al-Mesmary, said, in a statement, that that “oil terminals hand over to the Tripoli-based NOC can’t be guaranteed this time.” He added that the decision regarding who will manage the ports will be taken later, which is not yet announced while oil exports resumed.