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Arab Foreign Ministers meet in Jordan



The Arab Foreign Ministers convention started, on Monday, in the Dead Sea in Jordan, with the participation of the Government of National Accord foreign minister Mohamed Taher Sayala, to discuss 10 primary decisions, prepared during the meetings of the social and economic council, before reviewed in front of the Arab leaders’ summit that due on coming Wednesday.

The meeting discussed the situations in Libya, Iraq, Somalia, and the developments in Palestine given recent challenges, besides the Syrian and Yemeni crises.

The ministers are to tackle the issues related to fighting terrorism, the Arab national security, the relations with the geographical neighbors, and the cooperation with international and regional organizations. Besides that, the ministers will look into putting the Arab unified vision on clearing the middle east of weapons of mass destruction, reviewing human rights situation, and establishing Arab mechanisms to provide humanitarian aids to refugees and displaced.

The preliminary ministerial meeting for the Arab summit also will discuss the nomination of Israel for the non-permanent seat on the Security Council at 2019, calling for rejection, regarding that Israel occupational force violating international conventions.

The Arab League also called, on the level of permanent representatives, for a comprehensive political solution to the crisis in Libya, stressing their support to the political accord emanating from the United Nations brokered dialogue.

The League also confirmed the refusal to any foreign intervention, adding their respect for the unity, sovereignty, and integrity of Libya, expressing discontent of the developments inside Libya.