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Haftar’s Dignity Officers execute captives – Videos

Haftar: No mercy, no detentions, nothing but killing - Internet


Social media sites circulated video for an officer affiliated with the Dignity Operation that led by General Khalifa Haftar had carried out executions on three prisoners during Benghazi clashes. The officer’s name is Mahmud Al-Werfally.

Another video showed some officers from Haftar’s army dragging one prisoner from inside a building, throwing him in the dumpster, hitting him before shooting him, they insulted the prisoner before doing the outlawed crime.

Another video appeared showed two girls detained by Dignity Operation forces, faced intimidation and terrorised by one member who told them “you will be released if no accusations on you were addressed.” The two girls were frightened, as depicted in the video, their story disappeared, rumour said they were killed.

Observers hold Haftar responsible for all such crimes, besides other proceeded actions like Saturday’s scandal, and his military officers including the Commandos Chief, Wanis Abukhamada, whose son was spotted in one of the pictures for the parading of corpses incident.

It is important to mention Haftar’s speech to his officers prior the launch if Dignity Operation, when he said that “all weapons are available, all possibilities we reach will be used without hesitation,” he also added that “the House of Representatives (HoR) supports you, and everyone, so do your best.”

“This operation by no means shouldn’t exceed three weeks; we will use everything we get. No mercy in the fight, no detentions, nothing but killing in the battle arenas,” Haftar said.

What Haftar said in 2014 was the method that was followed by all his officers and fighters. Thus they practised terrorism, killings, burning, grave diggings, and intimidation against women and children while claiming they are an organised army who is fighting terrorism.

Add to that the perpetrators of such crimes and violence were not punished not referred to the judiciary or even investigated, as their tribes and groups protect them.

Haftar’s army headquarters issued a shy statement condemning what happened requesting an investigation, but observers said that this wouldn’t happen, regarding the statement “kind of mouthed talks, nothing will follow.”