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Al–Shwehdy holds Haftar responsibility for violations

Al–Shwehdy: Haftar must resign to the HoR - Internet


The member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Jalal Al–Shwehdy, hold the commander of the army of the HoR, General Khalifa Haftar, and the chief of staff the responsibility for “violations that committed by the elements affiliated with the armed forces,” in Benghazi, he asked them to resign.

Al-Shwehdy told Al-Wasat website (as translated here by LIBYAPROSPECT), on Tuesday, that “such acts contradict with our tolerant Islamic Sharia and all other religions as well as the international laws and conventions.” He demanded the chief of staff and Haftar to “bore the full responsibility for what happened, then immediately resign to the HoR, and summon the military commanders for investigations.”

He added that “with the existence of the army discipline, we can found a worldwide respected military institution, not a militia just like other armed groups we Longley fought.”

“Before defining my position, I would tell all bidders and opportunists, who will attack me as soon as I announce my attitude, which I was among the first ones to support the organised and disciplined military institution. Other civil society activists and I in Benghazi fought against all terrorist groups and militias, who are calling themselves revolutionaries, either media or protests that led by the civil current, while other won’t dare to talk,” he added.

Al-Shwehdy also criticised the military commanders via his Facebook page, announcing his position, and commenting on what happened recently in Benghazi of abusing corpses by army officers.