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Sowane condemns the crime of Haftar in Benghazi



The head of the Justice and Building Party, Mohamed Sowane, said, on Sunday, that digging the graves and abusing the corpses that happened in Benghazi on Saturday is condemned. He added that what happened is an awful crime and a big shame because it is against the Islamic and humanitarian values and the ethics of the Libyan society.

Sowane raised the question about the what happened, asking “how can anyone believes that any national army could do such crime?” He pointed that unfortunately, they had done the crime in a horrible way, “ they even showed that they were proud of doing that to the extent of documenting their crime by voice and photos and publishing them on the social media sites for the sake of intimidating the world.”

Sowane stressed that the big fall is coming and “whoever loses the manners is losing everything.”

It is worth mentioning that the Justice and Building Party expressed, in a statement, on Sunday, strong condemnation of the crime in Benghazi. It stated that “such evil contradicts with all religious values, humanitarian rules, international conventions, and values and fundamentals of Libyans.” The party demanded the local and international rights groups to document all violations against human rights, make use of the global movements to pursue war criminals.

It also urged all Libyans to restrain from vengeance acts, violence and hatred speech that affects social peace. It Stressed the need to promote the national and social consensus to avoid bloodshed, end divisions, and get out of the current crisis.