Home Editorial Tripoli: Dispersing demonstrations for fear of sedition

Tripoli: Dispersing demonstrations for fear of sedition



Armed men dispersed pro- Dignity rallies that called for militias to leave the capital city of Tripoli. They fired in the air, as dozens of demonstrators gathered in the Martyrs Square in central Tripoli.

Such demonstrations followed the ceasefire agreement. Clashes erupted between pro-Salvation Government that headed by Khalifa Al-Ghuwel, and brigades affiliated with the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) that led by Fayez Al-Sarraj, in Salah Addin, Al-Shuk road, and Al-Hadhba in southern of Tripoli.

A close source told LIBYAPROSPECT that what happened was to disperse the demonstrators, it was just gunshots in the air, as some group chanted the name of General Khalifa Haftar, the commander of Dignity Operation. The source added that the group disrupted the rally, tried to praise Haftar. The rally was intended to condemn militias spread inside Tripoli not to praise Haftar.”

The source added that “Al-Nawasy brigade intervened and dispersed the rally fearing of strife among participants.”

In the same context, unknown armed men attacked pro–Dignity Libya 218 TV headquarter, detained two of the crew, accusing the channel of fueling chaos. That prompted GNA affiliated brigades to announce their refusal to Dignity Operation led by Haftar, for its regional speech.

Al-Nawasy brigade said that “the events unfolded in Tripoli during the last days claimed to fight organized crimes, but truly it was a call to support the military ruling and Dignity Operation.”

The brigade added, in a statement, that “the Dignity Operation disrupted the social fabric of eastern Libya, especially in Benghazi, whose citizens left it refusing his approaches.” The statement said that they support the establishment of national police and army forces, to protect and secure the state institutions, raise suffering against citizens, but it doesn’t mean their approval to the military junta.

The capital, Tripoli, witnessed, Friday night, massive crowds lasted for late hours, demanding stability and refusing military ruling. The security and military brigades’ assembly in Tripoli, affiliated with the GNA, issued a statement rejecting the military junta and the dictatorship, stressing its affiliation with the GNA legitimacy, refusing the glorification of any figures “such as the war prisoner Haftar.”

The statement added that “the assembly forces will stand firmly against anyone seeking chaos or strife inside the capital city,” stressing their refusal to terrorism, extremism, and the so-called Dignity Operation.” The statement demanded the reactivation of police and army forces, free of opinion, and peaceful power handover.

The PC called the citizens and all political currents to self-control, avoid strife that would cause further bloodshed inside the capital city.

It continued stating that “we concretely followed events occurred in the Martyrs Square, and the subsequent fire, intimidation against the demonstrators, in clear violation to all international and local laws, in an attempt, by some, to restrict the citizens’ rights.” And it called the General Prosecutor to open a quick and transparent investigation and refer perpetrators to justice.

Tripoli witnessed armed clashes between brigades affiliated with the GNA, and other affiliated with the Salvation Government, ended with the GNA brigades control over most parts of Tripoli, while the Salvation Government forces retreated to military posts in the south of Tripoli.