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Deterrent Force refuses military ruling



The Deterrent and Joint Intervention Force in Abu-Saleem, Tripoli, said that it denounces the Dignity Operation that led By General Khalifa Haftar because of its bad media way.

The Deterrent Force added that it refuses even the crimes of the Dignity Operation against the people in Benghazi.

The Deterrent Force stressed that it rejects the military ruling and returning to the first square, clarifying that it had supported the Political Agreement and the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

The Force confirmed that the latest security operations in Tripoli weren’t against any particular city. It stated that the souls and the properties of all citizens, including the army officers and businesspeople from Misrata city, in the area are secured and attacks against them.

The Forces stressed that Tripoli is the civilized capital city for all Libyans that welcomes its visitors,

The Force announced that it supports the demands of the residents of Tripoli to exclude any groups try to spoil the security and stability of the capital city.

From another side, the notables’ council of Misrata described what is going on in Tripoli conspiracy against the revolution of the February 17th.

The council said, in a statement on Friday, that the proposed agreement at the headquarter of the PC would cause more troubles and impose battalions instead of others, which would lead to more fights and chaos.

The council condemned the attack on the state institutions in the hostility palaces and the headquarters of the General Intelligence Services. It also said that “the militias of the PC are responsible for the safety of the citizens and their properties.