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Demonstrations in Tripoli call for excluding armed formations



Sources from the capital city, Tripoli, said that the Martyrs Square had become empty after the escape of some demonstrators when they heard shots in the air.

The sources stated that there were two crowds of protesters in the Martyrs Square, Friday evening. The two sides were raising two different slogans against each other. The sources added that one of the two crowds were in Algeria Square then moved to Martyrs Square.

It is worth mentioning that there was a demonstration, on Friday, in Tripoli carrying banners demanding the armed formations to leave Tripoli. They also called for activating the role of the army and police to secure the capital city.

The demonstrators welcomed and supported the military operation that happened in Tripoli, a few days ago, to exclude the tribal and regional armed formations. They also stressed that Tripoli is the capital city for all Libyans.

A close source from Tripoli told LIBYAPROSPECT that the demonstration wasn’t attacked by any forces, confirming that some battalions in Tripoli had secured the demonstrators and let them express freely without any restrictions.