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Battalion “301” starts to implement ceasefire agreement



The Battalion “301” in Tripoli said, on Friday, that it has started implementing the terms of the agreement that was agreed on, two days ago, to end the clashes. The Battalion clarified that it began to remove the sand barriers and secure the security headquarters.

From his side, the commander of the Presidential Guards, General Najmy Al-Nakoa, stated that the activation of the ceasefire in Tripoli started Thursday night.

Al-Nakoa added that they had formed committees to monitor the operation of ceasefire and secure the headquarters in cooperation with Tripoli Security Administration. He pointed that they are ready to prepare a comprehensive plan to evacuate Tripoli from the armed formations.

Al-Nakoa called everyone to keep away from the regional speeches, which might cause more chaos in Tripoli.

In the same context, a meeting was held, Thursday night, in the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

The meeting included commanders of battalions from the city of Misrata and Tripoli under the supervision of leaders from Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous Operation.

A source told LIBYAPROSPECT that the head of the Central Support of Abu-Saleem, Abdul-Ghani Al-Kikly joined the meeting while the commander of Tripoli Revolutionaries Battalion, Haitham Al-Tajouri, who refused the agreement, was absent.

Also, the Defense Minister of the GNA, El-Mahdi El-Barghathi, as well as Al-Nakoa attended the meeting.

The attendees confirmed that they would take the responsibility to implement the agreement of ceasefire, clarifying that the clashes that happened nearby the prison of Al-Hdhba don’t represent any side of the deal.