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Al-Souki: Haftar and his affiliates must be prosecuted



The head of Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, Ahmed Abdallah Al-Souki, said that they are following with concern the leaks recently aired by Al-Nabaa TV channel, that exposed the coordination between the commander of the army of the House of Representatives (HoR), General Khalifa Haftar, and Daesh.

He told to Arabi21 website that “such leaks contained many facts, undoubtedly revealed that the counter-revolution was managed to establish bodies to control the fight, including Daesh.”

He added that “the leaks had revealed how deep the relations and coordination between the counter-revolution project led by Haftar and Daesh, explained many events, such leaks were confirmed following his appearance via the same channel.”

“The absent truth that started to reveal is that Daesh was created following the Arab Spring revolutions, and was meant to exist inside countries with a direct confrontation between the revolutionary powers and the counter-revolution. The leaks also explain Daesh moves and ideologies. The leaks also showed that Haftar’s forces have the ability to issue orders to the group, direct them across fighting fronts without raising the black flags,” he added.

Al-Souki also stated that “this explains what happened in the past when Daesh remnants left Derna to Sirte and protected by Haftar’s forces, crossing wide open areas controlled by the Dignity Operation commander, besides recent coordination with the group, as reported by the leaks, to move Daesh fighters from Benghazi to Bani-Waleed out strikes, and exploiting the group in different areas as a tool to end the revolution.”

“After those leaks, I say that there is no space to deny that relationship, but it is confirmed, we call the Libyan state, the international community, the United Nations, and all powers to pursue them all, issue arrest warrants, and launch internal and international investigations, in support to stability, fighting terrorism, and end the so-called Daesh project.”

Voice leaks attributed to the pro-Haftar Libyan journalist, Mahmud Al-Misrati, caused a wide raw and frustration across Libya.

Al-Misrati said, in a leaked phone call with one of Haftar officers, that “he is doing his best to influence the public opinion to accuse the Benghazi Defense Brigades (BDB) of affiliation to Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood, to get refused across Libya.”

The Muslim Brotherhood leader expressed his frustration of statements made by the Libyan former ambassador to Libya, Aref Al-Nayed, in which he demanded the International Community to stop supporting the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA), calling the American administration to “prevent fascists from controlling the Libyan state,” accusing the Muslim Brotherhood, the Libyan Fighting Group and Al-Qaeda of involvement in attacking the Oil Crescent Region.

Al-Souki said that “Al-Nayed’s statements, his accusations, incitement, and clear requisition of foreign intervention only proves how baseness revolution opponents have reached.  We, Longley, hoped they understand that the countries are not built on corpses or on bloodshed, Al-Nayed, who is not sparing any efforts to feed and support the war and killings of innocents, must understand that this language is not accepted anymore.”

“We hoped they restore to their minds and know that hiding the truth is harder nowadays, and not worthy anymore. The truth could be veiled for a while to reappear again,” he added.

In the last message to Al-Nayed, Al-Souki said that “history is recording, the country freemen are above privileged traitors. And in the Doomsday, your statement has been written, and you will stand by the hands of the mighty God, asked about it, God knows everything, he is our only backer.”