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Al-Sallaby describes Al-Nayed’s statement as pure lies



The Benghazi Defense Brigades leader, Ismail Al-Sallaby, denied, on Friday, any association with Al-Qaeda group, regarding statements by the former Libyan ambassador to the UAE, Aref Al-Nayed. Al-Sallaby stated that what Al-Nayed said was “fake untrue claims.”

Al-Sallaby said, in his statement that “we are peace advocates, not war, our primary purpose is to get back to our city Benghazi, to our homes, and families, it is our right that guaranteed by all religions, our utmost goal is for peace and stability to prevail across Libya.”

He added that all claims made by Al-Nayed at Washington are “pure lies, untrue claims,” he also said that he would assign a lawyer to make an official complaint to the attorney general against Al-Nayed of libel, defamation, and incitement to murder.

Al-Nayed said in a lecture organized by Heritage Foundation that the groups that attacked the Oil Crescent Region are all affiliated to Al-Qaeda terrorist group.