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Would Egypt save Haftar or ignore him?



Egyptian diplomatic sources said that the commander of the army of the House of Representatives (HoR), General Khalifa Haftar, arrived secretly, Tuesday evening, in Cairo to meet some meetings with Egyptian Committee of the Libyan Issue that headed by the Egyptian Military Chief of Staff, Mahmoud Hejazi.

The sources added that Haftar talked about the situation of his army on the ground after the battles between his forces and the troops of Benghazi Defense Brigades in the Oil Crescent Region.

It is essential mentioning that the forces of Benghazi Defense Brigades had controlled some important site in the region easily within days.

Haftar is facing a new trouble after losing his control on the Oil Crescent Region, which means he lost the primary card to convince the International Community that he is the leader who can influence the whole Libya.

The question now is about if Cairo would help Haftar in his challenging and unbalanced war with Benghazi Defense Brigades. The more important question is: Would Egypt support Haftar and prevent Benghazi Defense Brigades from advancing towards Benghazi?

The source said that Egypt is looking for a political solution for the crises, clarifying that Cairo doesn’t want the battles to expand and turn into a civil war.

The source revealed that there is a proposal to let the Egyptian and Emirati air forces to carry out concentrated airstrikes against Benghazi Defense Brigades.

The sources said that Haftar would meet Emirati officers in Cairo to talk about how to support him and end his crisis.

On Monday, the spokesperson of the Egyptian Military Forces, Tamer Refaie, had issued a statement about the Egyptian efforts to carry on the Libyan dialogue to find a political solution. Refaie ignored the clashes in the Oil Crescent Region.

One observer says that Haftar wouldn’t get any military support from Egypt or UAE because Haftar moved his war planes from Tobruk and Abraq air bases to Benina air base. The other important thig is that the oil ports of the Oil Crescent Region are now under the protection of the Oil Facilities Guards that led by Edris Bu-Khamada who was appointed by the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

The observer added that “on the other hand Russia is not stupid to support Haftar, especially when he lost the Oil Crescent Region, the only pressure card to get international support.”

Others say that the Egyptian attitude towards Haftar has changed after he embarrassed the Egyptian President by refusing the talks with the head of the PC, Fayez Al-Sarraj, under the supervision of Egypt.

Haftar’s secret visit to Cairo raises an important question about why Egypt had ignored the fights in the Oil Crescent Region? Does it mean that Egypt wants to dominate Haftar?

A close source to Haftar said that Egypt would keep intermediating politically to solve the Libyan crisis away from intervening militarily in Libya.