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Leaks reveal cooperation between Haftar and Daesh



Al-Nabaa TV had published a voice record of the phone call between an army officer affiliated with the commander of the army of the House of Representatives (HoR), the leader of Al-Karama Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, and the Journalist, Mahmud Al-Misrati, who supports Haftar.

The record indicates that the two sides keen to discredit the revolutionaries, describing them as radical Islamists affiliated with Al-Qaeda group.

It also reveals that Haftar is involved in agreement with Daesh, especially when he let elements from Daesh escape from Benghazi and go all the way to the western side of Libya and enter the city of Bani-Walid to participate in demonstrations to support Haftar.

In the record, the officer told Al-Misrati that those Daesh elements shouldn’t reveal themselves.

The record clarified the Egyptian and Russian roles in the airstrikes on the Oil Crescent Region when Haftar’s forces attacked the region, months ago. Egypt and Russia helped Haftar’s forces by giving them information on what sites they had bombard and who carries out the strikes.

In the record, Al-Misrati talked about how he publishes false news to mislead the public opinion. Al-Misrati said that he makes efforts to affect the public opinion. Al-Misrati stated that “we say that Benghazi Defense Brigades are affiliated with Al-Qaeda organization and Muslim Brotherhood just to make the Libyans in Eastern Libya refusing them.

The record coincides with the statements of the Libyan ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Aref Al-Naidh, who stated that “Muslim Brotherhood, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, and Al-Qaeda were involved in the attack on the Oil Crescent Region.” Al-Naidh said that “it is strange that the Defense Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), El-Mahdi El-Barghathi, had praised the attack,” Al-Naidh had accused Ela-Barghathi of supporting Al-Qaeda Group.

From its side, Benghazi Defense Brigades denounced describing its forces as part of Al-Qaeda. Benghazi Defense Brigades called for the prosecution of Al-Misrati and the army officer.

Al-Misrati commented on the reveal of the voice call, saying that “it is easy to copy my voice,” adding that “nothing in the voice call offends me because these opinions and attitudes are not secrets, I announce them always.”

He also said that the attitudes in the record are different from my personal ones, stressing that “I still accuse Al-Qaeda and the terrorist militias of attacking the Oil Crescent Region.”

He added that “we make the public opinion and lead it to support the Libyan army and civil state, our duty is clarifying this.” He denied the news of harassing him from the Tunisian authorities after publishing the voice record. Al-Misrati hadn’t denied his relationship with record entirely.