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US, Britain, and France condemn military escalation



The Ambassadors of the United States, Britain, and France vehemently denounced the military escalation and the violent acts in the Oil Crescent Region, calling for an immediate ceasefire.

They stressed in a statement the urgent need for a national military power united under the civilian authority, to restore and preserve the prosperity for the civilians. They also confirmed the need “to maintain the oil industry infrastructure, oil production, and exports under the authority of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) working with the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA).”

Regarding the latest events in the NOC headquarter in Tripoli, the three ambassadors called “all parties to halt provocative actions against the NOC employees.”

The statement said that “as the NOC is a Libyan economic institution, it should remain under the exclusive authority of the GNA,” stressing that Libyan wealth should be used for all Libyans.

The ambassadors also mentioned their commitment to do the international implementation measures in supporting the security and stability in Libya, warning that the individuals and entities who misuse Libyan wealth will be targeted with such measures.

The statement concluded by confirming the support to the political reconciliation efforts, and the efforts of the GNA, the neighbor countries, and the United Nations Special Mission.