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Al-Sharkasy: Our forces formed from Benghazi sons



The commander of Benghazi Defense Brigades, Mustafa Al-Sharkasy, said that “our forces are formed from Benghazi’s sons and the military area in Benghazi.

Al-Sharkasy clarified, in a press conference on Monday, that his troops’ target is to return Benghazi to its people and to bring back the displaced to their homes.

Regarding the oil ports, Al-Sharkasy stated that the militias of Al-Karama under the leadership of General Khalifa Haftar had used the oil ports for Hostility actions against some cities in the country.

He added that the residents of the Oil Crescent Region are fed up of the mercenaries of the Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement that Haftar brought them to fight for him.

Al-Sharkasy stressed that the siege on our people in Ganfouda Area in Benghazi pushed us to move towards Benghazi after callings for lifting the siege. He confirmed that “we don’t adopt any ideology.”

Al-Sharkasy added that there are entire families from the Oil Crescent Region in the prisons of Haftar’s Militias.

He said that the military situation is stable and “our forces are controlling the area from Al-Noflea, the west, to Beshr, the east;” adding that “we are controlling more areas, we have two martyrs and four wounded.”

Al-Sharkasy confirmed that there are no fears of Haftar’s air forces after “we occupied the air defense brigade.”

He stated that Haftar’s militias had assaulted the sacredness of the inhabitants of Ajdabiya, Brega, and Ras-Lanuf.

He also said that “we reassure the residents that we will not enter the house in the areas we control.” He added that our forces include individuals from all Barqa Province tribes.”

To prove that his troops are not staying in the Oil Crescent Region, Al-Sharkasy said that “we called the National Oil Corporation (NOC) to take the oil ports.”

He added that “we won’t move towards Benghazi until the NOC forces come to take the oil ports.

Al-Sharkasy said that “we will forgive any military or civilian person who decides to leave Al-Karama Operation.”