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Al-Ghuwel’s Serious calls for reconciliation


By: Salem Al-Fetouri*

The head of the Salvation Government, Khalifa Al-Ghuwel, opened, on the sixth anniversary of February revolution, the new Tripoli airport, addressed a speech to Libyans that raised many questions, as it was based on clear, reasonable political criteria. Al-Ghuwel raised many questions, like the legitimacy issue, saying that his government enjoys the legitimacy that not available at any other political bodies, referring to the rival governments and the political parties, formed before the constitution that is supposed to rule and govern its formation and mechanisms.

Al-Ghuwel renewed the call to all disputed Libyan parties, who are vying for power, to join the national reconciliation efforts that include all Libyans, to achieve stability, he also called to unite intentions and efforts, direct them to save Libya and unite Libyans for one purpose in the frame of inclusive national unity.

Tripoli Airport opening came as a clear message for everyone, inside and outside Libya, that he is the strongest party in the capital Tripoli, especially that he is opening its main gate to the world.

In return for that robust and increasing mobility by Al-Ghuwel, we find other political powers suffer apparent political disturbances, with the meetings brokered by Western and Arab nations, political tactics and maneuvers mainly aim at preserving their interests in the negotiations, without making a real change to the life of hopeless and disappointed citizens.

But the real vision for the intentions of such political parties clearly reveal the absence of trust, and their absolute failure even in sharing gains, that is why inner direct and indirect conflict is likely to continue, which would escalate economic and security deterioration.

Al-Ghuwel’s call for real national unity aims at unifying those political stakeholders to direct them towards the actual common enemy of terrorism that is trying hard to strike again, especially after its loss in Sirte by Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous forces, reactivate judiciary and security bodies, and rebuild real state institutions that firmly stand in the face of corruption consuming its budget, not to mention fuel, people, and, drugs smuggling networks.

Let’s take Al-Ghuwel’s call seriously; such political rampaging shouldn’t continue more, especially that other national calls similar to of Al-Ghuwel’s appeared recently, the latest the call by Baset Egteat where he asked Libyans to announce their frustration and pressure for resolution. His demand vying factions to meet, put aside the differences, intensify meetings inside Libya until reaching the workable resolutions, and put the children’s future in front of their eyes, whom we will inherit destruction or divided occupied nation if parties kept their hardline positions.

*A Libyan Writer