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PC discusses Abu-Saleem Clashes just before it ends



The Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) convened on Friday to meet with security devices, the Interior Ministry, the Defense Ministry, the Presidential Guards, and the General Investigation Device as well as the commanders of the security battalions in Tripoli to discuss the clashes in Abu-Saleem area in Tripoli, which began Thursday night.

After more than 24 hours of battling, the PC talked about the issue and started thinking about how to work on stopping the clashes and making every effort to keep the civilians away from the area of clashes.

The PC meeting had come after calls from different sides urging the PC to do anything to cease fire in Abu-Saleem.

The Justice and Building Party called on the PC to take the responsibility and adopt an attitude of deterrent against the warring groups.

Also, the Libyan National Guards issued a statement and called the Interior Ministry of the PC to stop its security units and prevent them from fighting; they also called them to investigate and punish their fighters. The Libyan National Guards stressed that in case the efforts wouldn’t succeed then the Guards would intervene to protect the civilians’ souls and properties as well as the general buildings.