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Ongoing armed clashes in Abu-Saleem



Sources from Tripoli told LIBYAPROSPECT that the clashes between armed groups in Abu-Saleem area in Tripoli that started Thursday evening had continued until Friday morning.

The reasons for the clashes are still not clear for the sources, but the initial problem was mutual accusations between the Deterrent Forces under the leadership of Eghnaiwa Al-Kikly and the forces of Al-Burki Battalion.

The sources said that each side had accused the other of not wanting to reconcile.

The spokesperson of the Libyan Red Crescent (LRC), Mohamed Al-Misrati, stated that the efforts to communicate with sides of clashes to stop fighting in Abu-Saleem area in Tripoli were failed. He added that the LRC efforts mainly for the sake of evacuating the civilians from the fighting sites.

Al-Misrati said, in a press release, that the militant groups didn’t respect the emblem of the Red Crescent to fighting to give way for the civilians to be evacuated. He clarified that the calls of the trapped residents didn’t stop.

From its side, the Salvation Government under the leadership of Khalifa Al-Ghuwel issued a statement confirming that it has been communicating continuously to convince the warring parties to stop the clashes that only terrify the civilians.

The statement called the militant factions to cease fire in to preserve the lives and the properties of the civilian citizens.

The Salvation Government announced that its army units are ready to intervene to stop the clashes.