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Misrata condemns attack against Zletin Security Room

Libya Almostakbal


Misrata Municipality denounced the attack against the Common Security Chamber in the city of Zletin, stressing that “such acts are unilateral, those who committed it, participated or called for such acts bore full responsibility.”

The municipality mourned Zletin Common Security Room member, Fawzy Fathy Al-Koum, who died in the attack, pointing to full coordination and cooperation with the security bodies in Misrata and Zletin to arrest the perpetrators and refer them to the justice as soon as possible.

Zletin Municipality Security Manager, Bashir Al-Baranh, said in a media statement that “the pacification efforts between Misrata and Zletin, in the west, continue after the exchange of some prisoners, within an initiative to halt the confrontations between the armed groups from both cities.” Media sources also confirmed that things are back to normal along the coastal road between Misrata and Zletin.

One member of Zletin Common Security Chamber was killed and three injured in an attack by armed men last Monday.

Sources said that “the militant group affiliated to Misrata, the member shot called Fawzy Fathy Al-Koum. The militant group retreated to Naema area on the road linking Zletin and Misrata.”