Home News HRS: 10s of civilians at risk of death in Ganfouda

HRS: 10s of civilians at risk of death in Ganfouda



The Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) made an urgent appeal to save the trapped families from the blockade zone in Ganfouda area in Benghazi.

The families, who are besieged by the army of the House of Representatives (HoR) under the leadership of General Khalifa Haftar, are living under the threats of death either from bombarding or food and medication shortage.

Sources from the besieged area told the HRS that the families have run out of food and medicine, especially the people with diabetes who are suffering from low blood sugar, their situations will deteriorate if they don’t get urgent help.

The total number of the remained trapped people in the area are about 30 families; they preferred to stay because, on 24 January, approximately another 30 families were released but arrested, and six men were killed in cold blood the same day.

The HRS reiterated its demands to get the families out through a secured path. The HRS called the international and local institutions, the UN mission in Libya, the Red Cross, the Presidential Council (PC), the Operation “Dignity”, and the HoR to take the legal and human responsibility of what is happening to these innocent civilians.

The HRS stated that what is going on in Ganfouda is an operation of a deliberate mass murder of those civilians who are targeted by the air raids without considering the conditions of the international agreements.

What makes the situation worse is the silence of the UN envoy to Libya and the PC despite communicating with them regarding the issue, which makes them participants in the crime.

The HRS called for Immediate intervention to deliver urgent relief materials for the trapped families inside the area. It also called the Attorney General’s office to carry out its investigations on the crimes of the armed groups of the Dignity Operation against the civilians.