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Will peace inundate with Salam Fayyad?


By: Senussi Bsaikri*

Some felt optimistic about his name, others considered his

Senussi Bsaikri

appointment a step towards more escalation, some joked his appointment decision, and how a Palestinian politician who failed in his occupied lands is chosen to solve Libya’s crisis.

Some jokes reached the limits by saying that Fayyad’s opponents engineered that prank so he would get as much sadness and affliction as he could, considering that Libya is a real dilemma difficult to solve.

Opinions regarding the appointments of Salam Fayyad as the United Nations envoy to Libya were conflicting as usual. Opponents said Fayyad is just like Mohamed Dahlan, who is known for his hostility to the Arab Spring, while politicians on the eastern side of Libya and the House of Representatives (HoR) members accused Muslim Brotherhood of pushing him into the Libyan affairs.

The truth is that the new peace envoy comes in a time when many Libyan think that the crisis is so complicated and won’t get worse.

It is also true that the UN envoy is not responsible for the current status even if he attempted to aggravate the crisis. Those who approve the proposed agendas and drafts or respond to pressures are Libyans representing wide sects, major political, social, and military components.

And before that, the ones who justified the United Nations involvement in the Libyan crisis in the first place by appointing special envoys are Libyans, represented in politicians, civic activists, and stakeholders by fighting each other and failing to resolve their disputes.

The Libyan politicians don’t get that they are the primary cause of the problem, not the UN envoy or any of the foreign powers intervening in the Libyan affairs. Would the UN envoy or the Western ambassadors turn into productive players in driving political decisions or putting prescriptions to contain the crisis unless they found the chance for it? It turned out that Libyan hands ignited the fire, they caused destruction, deadlock and political estrangement in the form of division heading towards disintegration.

I claim that the UN envoy overcame his mediator and facilitator role in two occasions to direct and control the direction of political settlement, but I repeat that the spaces available to the UN envoy to move freely were granted by Libyan politicians, from both vying camps, with their hardening positions and tendency to lean away from the national interest for political gains.

Thus, I say to those optimistic with the flooded peace, which might come with the new envoy, peace prevails only with pure intentions, and if Libya’s stability, unity, security, and economic prosperity become the only goal. We can dispense the international mediation when we stop feuding tribal, regional, partial, and personal interests and loyalties.

And to those who think that Salam Fayyad is a part of a conspiracy sewed by the western parties, I say that no conspiracy succeeds or damage occurs if it weren’t for the fragmented internal front.

One reason for the repeated failures and setbacks is those relevant to the crisis holding others responsible for their failures without examining their positions, choices or even intentions and motives; no peace would prevail unless you sincerely look for it by setting the stage for it. Only the crisis is prolonged, the country is dragged deeper into more aggravation because you wanted that, so will you quit?

*A Libyan Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source